Welcome to my Phuket Bus Pages. I am living in Thailand for some years now and I find, that there is need for detailed information-page about travelling by bus.

The big problem is, that there are many, many different (public and private) bus-companies that are driving to different destinations – all over the country … but little documentation in english language is available.

Also and especial in Phuket-Island we have a well known local transport-mafia with extremely high prices. As an example you have to compare the prices to Bangkok. Travel with an air-con taxi for about 1 hour and you should pay (in BKK) something like 100 Baht.

Do the same here in Phuket, with an open, unsafe and stinking Tuk-Tuk – and you pay 5-10 times the price. So out of this reasons I will try to shed light into this topic by documenting the most important bus-routes.

If practicable, I will also generate a detailed map of our local public-transport-cars, the songthaews. Blue songthaews belong to the mafia-cartell … where you have to pay double the price (at least).

The pink songthaews are city enterprises, with very correct prices and good service. This is, how public transport should be …