Phuket-Airport-Bus to Phuket-Town

For just 90 Baht, this Airport-Bus will get you from Phuket-Airport directly into the city to the old Bus-Terminal-1. From there (or better say from the central-market a 15 min. walk away) you have direct connections to all other areas on Phuket-Island.

Start of route.
Starting from Phuket-Airport, Ground-Floor
End of route.
We are arriving at Phuket-City, Bus-Terminal-1 (1 hour, 10 min. later)
You can download GPS-Data via click on the download-link, below the map.

Here we have the first cheating-attempt to you, the un-known tourist 8-)

You might ask. “Hey, what is wrong with this Airport-Bus Time-Table?”. There is nothing wrong with the time-table. It is just placed at a wall, where nobody would ever find it.

Yes, you get it. The Thai Taxi Mafia does not want you to see this timetable of the Airport-Shuttle to Phuket Town.

Because of that, the time-table is hung out on the 1st floor. Unfortunately the Arrival-Floor in Phuket-Airport is the Ground-Floor and not the 1st-Floor. So my dear Tourist:

You will never discover this Time-Table on your own 8-)

Also this area (1st floor) is not the parking-area, as mentioned. The Airport-Busses are waiting at the ground-floor.

So we step out of the plane and are getting cheated after 5 Minutes. Take my advice. In Thailand you will get cheated every 5 Minutes. But mostly to the fact that you think that “everything is cheap here” – you will not realize it.

After you are walking out of the Arrival-Hall in Phuket-Airport, you have to turn left.

There is also a sign to the Airport-Bus, but that sign is pointing you in the wrong direction. Of course …

Because the thai Taxi-Scum want you to pay this prices here

After taking this picures, I was very amused about the last entry on this pricelist. 2.500- 3.700 Baht for a 8hr Phuket-Tour. Hey sound good, right. Well, I can tell you what you get.

For 4 hours the Taxi-Scum is driving you around the island and stopping everywhere, where they get a hefty commission. It doesn’t matter if you say that you are not interested. They just drive you to a different commission-place then.

Then, after 4 hours they will stop for you at the worst restaurant, but – you guessed it – also, where they get commission. This is what Thai-People call “business” 8-)

And believe me – after another 4 hours you will be happy that this experience will be over.

This is the gate, where you have to leave the airport.

This “Tourist Lounge” thing is just a waiting-point for all-inclusive-tourists. Just go on out of the gate there.

Take care to get all your belongings, when exiting. If you desire to come back later, you have to pass the metal-detectors and X-Ray-Machines again.

And here we are. The parking Airport-Shuttle-Bus to Phuket-Town.

A half rotten bus is awaiting us, but this is the cheapest way of transport from Phuket Airport. Just eat it. It is not getting better, except you pay a lot more.

This is the exit-door from the other view.

Sit down and wait, what is coming.

You guessed it, we are driving a huge spin, going up to the fake bus-parking-area and then going down again.

Get your money out, it is payment-time. Interesting is the fact, that mostly Thais are using this kind of transport. Guess why … ask yourself why there is no information about cheap transport available to the tourists?

Leaving Phuket Airport.

To be honest, under these circumstances the 90 Baht fee for the ride from Phuket-Airport to Phuket-Town seems OK to me 8-)

Tesco-Lotus in Chalong (in the middle of the distance to Phuket-Town) could be a pickup-point for you.

The Phuket Heroines again. Have a look, what funny ghost-worship the Thais are doing, when passing this stones.

We are near Phuket City now. This is the Phuket-City Tesco-Lotus Supermarket.

If you jump out of the Airport-Shuttle here, you have connection to one of the pink busses, that are awaiting you at the back of the Supermarket-Building.

The Central-Festival in Phuket is one of the few “up-to-date” Shopping-Malls in Phuket. Here you find a nice collection of restaurants and if you are in need of food from your home, you will probably find it in the supermaket-store at the ground floor.

We are arriving at the Bus-Terminal-1 (the old Terminal inside the city).

Some last words … read on, we are not finished yet … 8-)

It is very important, that you are aware, that the Sonthaews waiting here are just here to cheat you.

This is not the real bus-stop for this guys. They are waiting for Tourist-Prey.

The correct jump-on station is the central-market, which is a 15-minute-walk away from here.

If you jump on a Songhaew here, be warned: From 10 to 100 Baht extra per person (for an otherwise 25 Baht ride to the rest of the island) is charged by the Thai-Scum waiting here for you.

I told you, so not complain later … 8-)

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  1. ccy January 7, 2013 at 14:58 #

    Finally found what i want to see here before going to Phuket next month, informative along with pictures. Thanks.
    The airportbus’s website suggest to take the bus, go up to departure level and wait outside the Burger King restaurant. should i go either way?

    • hotelguide January 16, 2013 at 00:08 #

      I would highly recommend this way of getting an airport-bus. Upstairs on the departure-level the bus is driving-by. So when you stand there, at the departure-sign … everything is OK … but mostly the busdriver just has a quick look and is not stopping.

      Sorry for late reply, but your IP was recognized as a Spam-IP.

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